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Insta Ape ($IAPE) Trading Bot, your specialized companion on Telegram! Tailored to enrich the trading journey for both newcomers and market veterans, our bot stands out with its innovative approach, blending ease-of-use with sophisticated functionality.

Dive into the world of cryptocurrency trading with a tool that brings unmatched convenience and efficiency, all within Telegram's familiar environment. Insta Ape is more than just a trading bot; it's a revolution in your digital wallet, transforming the way you trade. Join our growing community and elevate your trading game to stellar heights with Insta Ape! πŸŒŸπŸ¦πŸ’ΌπŸ“ˆ

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What We Provide


Multi-Wallet Management

Create and switch between multiple crypto wallets with ease. Manage your diverse crypto portfolio in one place.

Customizable Trading Experience

Fine-tune your trading with adjustable slippage, gas fees, and investment amounts. Personalize your strategy to fit your unique trading style.

Confident Buying & Selling

Fine-tune your trading with adjustable slippage, gas fees, and investment amounts. Personalize your strategy to fit your unique trading style.

Decentralized AI Services

Insta Ape might offer decentralized AI services through the blockchain, allowing users to access AI tools and utilities without relying on centralized control.

Hassle-Free Setup

Get started instantly with the /start command. Our bot sets up your trading profile and wallets swiftly and securely.

Intuitive User Interface

Navigate effortlessly through various trading options like buying, selling, and approvals.


Token Info

  • Name: Insta Ape
  • Locked: 6 months
  • 10M Total Supply
  • 5/5 Tax

Roadmap of Insta Ape

Multi-Chain Trading

Soon, you'll be able to trade across various blockchains, expanding your trading horizons and opportunities.

Advanced Sniper Bot

We're working on a state-of-the-art sniper bot that can dynamically target and acquire almost any token, giving you the edge in fast-paced trading scenarios.

Custom Router Integration

To enhance your trading security, we're developing a custom router designed to thwart frontrunners, ensuring your trades are more protected and profitable.

Telegram Token Maker Bot

In our roadmap, we're excited to introduce a token maker bot, enabling you to create your own tokens effortlessly on multiple chains. This feature will empower you to be a part of the token creation process, bringing your crypto ideas to life.

Volume Bot for Multiple Chains

To pump up the volume on other tokens that need/want a certain amount of volume.

Ask Anything

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Insta Ape ($IAPE) Trading Bot?
Insta Ape is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency trading bot designed for use within the Telegram app. It caters to both beginners and experienced traders, offering a range of features to enhance your trading experience.
How do I access the Insta Ape Trading Bot on Telegram?
You can access the Insta Ape Trading Bot by searching for it within the Telegram app and following the instructions for setup and activation.
What features does Insta Ape offer to enhance my trading experience?
Insta Ape offers Effortless Multi-Wallet Management,Customizable Trading Experience,Confident Buying & Selling,Multiple Wallets for Enhanced Trading,Streamlined Token Approval among other features.
Can Insta Ape Trading Bot be used for all types of cryptocurrencies?
Insta Ape supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. For a full list of supported assets, please check our website or bot interface.
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